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To spread financial literacy & education by making space for honest conversations about money.

I want to empower you to be confident and competent with your finances so you can take control of your money and take action to achieve your goals.

About me...

I’m Genevieve and I’m the creator of Holistic Personal Finance.

I'm a financial services expert who has over a decade of experience helping people save more, borrow wisely and invest for wealth.

When I started in this industry at 25 years old I didn’t have a savings account and couldn’t tell you the difference between a Roth and a Traditional IRA. Who knows how I even got the job!

But, after learning the basics and helping other people master their money & accomplish their goals- I was hooked!

I started to read, listen and learn about all things personal finance and used all these strategies to help my clients get clear about their finances and give them specific steps to better their situations. I completed an MBA and got licences & certifications for investing and lending to become an expert and help affluent clients make detailed plans to accomplish their goals.Yep, turns out that having money doesn’t make you good with money.

Unfortunately, being an expert doesn’t make you perfect either. There’s been times where I didn’t take my own advice and I’ve made my share of money mistakes. I’ve had a negative net worth, carried lots of credit card debt, wasted money on a million things, had all the negative thoughts about wanting to make more money (was I being greedy or selfish?) and stayed awake all night worried about how I would pay for the next big emergency…because I had zip in savings. Eeek!


A few years after some of these disasters, I started to re-focus on my money mindset. I started to be more grateful and stopped comparing myself to others. I put into practice the proven methods I had developed to help other people build wealth by creating an easy, simple, and automated spending plan that helped me pay down debt fast and increase my income.

Lo and behold- it worked! In 2 years, I paid off over $30,000 of debt, created multiple income streams and increased my net worth by $100,000. The best part- because I finally had my mindset figured out, I did all this without depriving myself of all the wonderful things I love…

I finally found the last piece of the financial success puzzle and I’m excited to share my formula with you!


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Ready to start your own financial wellness journey? Here are 3 ways to get started. 

Holistic Financial Coaching

Tired of falling short of your financial goals? Want to see results fast? Ready to save more, get out of debt fast, and be more confident about your financial decisions? Get guidance and tailored plans for your path to financial wellness. 

Wealth and Wellness Blog

Ready for a fresh take on old personal finance topics? Check out the blog to open up your money mindset and keep checking for money tools and resources to help you along your journey.

Educational Courses

Coming soon!

Courses to help you feel more confident and competent about a variety of personal finance topics.

Want to partner up?

Do you need help creating blogs or content around personal finance? Are you looking for someone to speak about finance at your next event? 

Hire me! I love writing and speaking about all things personal finance and have over a decade of real-world experience under my belt. I would love to expand your audience's knowledge around money.

Email me and let's get started!

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